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October 02, 2005|By SLOANE BROWN

Maritime Magic under balmy skies

LIVING CLASSROOMS FOUNDATION CO-FOUNDERS James Piper Bond and Parker Rockefeller were in high spirits as they greeted guests at this year's Maritime Magic shindig. They were celebrating not only the foundation's 20th year, but also the dry, pleasant breezes that wafted through Living Classrooms' East Harbor campus.

"Out of all the years we've been coming to this party, the weather is finally fabulous!" raved Jeanine Turner to hubby Pat.

This year, close to 2,000 guests roamed the grounds, eating and drinking goodies from local restaurants and checking out a few local celebrity guests, such as Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick and wife Kim, former Raven Michael McCrary and his wife Mary, and local sports guru Gerry Sandusky. Sharp-eyed folks on B-more's party circuit also spotted guest Carolyn Mollenkopf, who has worked as the Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor's official gala greeter for 19 years.

SOCIAL EVENT / / HABITAT HARVEST. Oct. 8. Benefits Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity. Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor Hotel. Tickets $125. Call 410-366-1250


Designing places where he'd like to spend time

Baltimore architect and interior designer Patrick Sutton heads Patrick Sutton Associates. A recent project was redesigning the interior of Charleston, the Baltimore restaurant, and that's where we caught up to him.

How do you describe yourself professionally?

I am an architect and interior designer. My belief ... is that the boundaries between any design -- architecture, interior design, graphic design, even urban planning -- are artificial. ... I'm just as happy designing the napkins on the table as I am designing the table, as I am designing the room, as I am designing the building the room is in.

You seem to be THE restaurant guy this year, with Pazo and Charleston both in your 2005 list of credits.

Restaurants and hotels were part of my upbringing because my dad was a travel journalist. So, [doing the interiors of restaurants] was a natural. It's like breathing. Second nature.

How do you find your own social life affecting this kind of work? Where you're designing spaces where people spend time socializing?

I am probably the most happy in a social environment. I like to entertain. I like to be around people. And I like to have fun. With Pazo, co-owner Tony Foreman told me he wanted a place that was young, hip and Mediterranean all at the same time. So I designed a place I wanted to go to. Where I imagine myself at a killer party on the Amalfi coast.

Here, at Charleston, there are people standing around in jackets, elegantly dressed, champagne on the bar, jazz in the background. Tony asked me to design the restaurant so that it felt like an elegant Jazz Age dinner party. I wanted to elevate the experience in terms of texture, color and lights to parallel [co-owner / chef] Cindy Wolf's cooking and how it's evolved.

What of your personality do we see in your work?

Joy. The ability to love, and get excited about life. Pushing things a little bit. Take the borders off things. Be challenged.

What, of all your work, best reflects your personality?

Probably Pazo. Pazo is me being sexy and playful and a little bit decadent. Charleston is me being dressed up and a little more grown-up. It brings out the best of my dad in me.



5 counts of Canadian Club

1 count of sweet vermouth

Dash of bitters

Pour all three into a shaker and lightly stir. Pour into a glass and add a maraschino cherry.

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