October 01, 2005

Will Angelos' support doom Ehrlich, too?

So Peter Angelos feels the need to take out a full-page ad to thank Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. for his support of the Orioles in their struggle against the evil competition in Washington?

The ad states the governor's efforts helped to "ensure the long-term financial viability of baseball in Baltimore" and "enabled the Orioles to continue to serve the region's baseball fans."

It would be nice if Angelos would apply some of that same support into the operations of the Orioles' front office so it would be able to field a competitive team.

Now, if this ad is a thinly veiled political endorsement as many have surmised, it actually does not bode well for Ehrlich's chances in the next gubernatorial election.

If Angelos is the astute judge of political talent as he is of baseball talent, Ehrlich is doomed to finish the race in fourth place, too.

Charles Huber


Orioles should spend on players, not ads

Peter Angelos' money would have been better spent on an ad apologizing to the Orioles fans for the inferior product he and his staff placed on the field the second half of this season.

He could have taken his money to procure players to replace the injured ones before the trading deadline, to say nothing of obtaining a front-line starting pitcher before the season started.

To expect Lee Mazzilli or Sam Perlozzo to write a lineup card with the staff he had the second half was an insult to the loyal Orioles fans.

Apologize to the fans, Mr. Angelos, and keep politics out of baseball.

Mary A. Garmer


A message to Angelos: Please sell the Orioles

To Peter Angelos:

As a middle-aged, lifelong Orioles fan, I ask you: What have you to gain by continuing to remain as owner of my hometown team (other than gobbling up revenue)?

It's gotten so ridiculously bad this season that I am embarrassed to admit that I am a staunch fan of the orange and black.

This franchise will never progress under your ownership. Take that to the bank.

Please, Mr. Angelos, for the future integrity of the Orioles' organization, I implore you: sell, sell, sell!!

Patrick R. Lynch


O's Perlozzo deserves to return next year

The Orioles do have a number of tough decisions to make in the offseason ("Tough calls await Angelos," Thursday).

As always, the starting pitching needs to be upgraded. B.J. Ryan is a potential free agent. The team could use a power-hitting outfielder as long as it's not Sammy Sosa.

The easy decision should be retaining Sam Perlozzo as manager. Perlozzo deserves a chance to manage the team without all the distractions that the team endured during the second half of the season.

After eight straight losing seasons, there's little more to lose.

Give Perlozzo a fair shot to do the job in 2006.

Ed Doheny

Bel Air

Angelos' optimism about '06 is laughable

After reading Peter Angelos' quote - "We are coming back strong next year. I know you've heard this before but this time it will literally come true" ("Tough calls await Angelos," Thursday) - I could barely stop laughing.

If Peter Angelos were Pinocchio, his nose would stretch from coast to coast.

Ron Parsons


Next O's anniversary: 10 years since winner

Since the Orioles seem to be so keen on having these anniversary celebrations (like the 10-year anniversary of Cal Ripken's streak), I have another anniversary they should start getting ready for and should be able to celebrate even if it won't happen until 2007 - the 10th anniversary of their last winning season.

Steve Ward

Perry Hall

Coverage of Palmeiro is too sensational

The Sun's sports page is beginning to look and read like a tabloid. On Sept. 23, for instance, the Page 1 headline was huge: "O's tell Palmeiro not to return."

Palmeiro's situation has become a saga that has been sensationalized by the sports reporters and commentators. The Sun's Roch Kubatko, Dan Connolly and Rick Maese wrote articles that could fill one whole page.

The articles contain no facts, only suppositions and almost fairy tale-like scenarios. The truth is that no one knows the truth and we may never know all the facts about Palmeiro's steroid use.

More and more, I am disgusted with the commentaries that I read in The Sun sports section. I am tired of the sensationalism and I think Baltimore sports fans deserve articles written with more integrity.

Phyllis Douglas

Fayetteville, Pa.

Ravens do disservice by losing young QB

Much has already been written about the seeming inability of the Ravens' organization to acquire or develop an NFL-caliber quarterback. What has not yet received extensive analysis in The Sun sports pages, however, is the recent decision of the team to release a quarterback drafted this year, Derek Anderson.

Anderson's release and later acquisition by another NFL team mirrors the release of quarterback Josh Harris last year.

Football fans of good faith can disagree whether Kyle Boller was a wise draft pick at the time. What is not disputed, however, is that he is not an adequate NFL quarterback now, and that the trajectory of his development has been disappointing.

However, instead of attempting to prepare other young quarterbacks that could take over in the event the Boller decision ultimately proves flawed, the Ravens' organization has buried its head in the sand, insisting beyond reason that Boller embodies the future of the team.

This is nothing more than an arrogant refusal to admit a mistake, and has proved a disservice to the Ravens fan base.

Bill Reid

North East

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