If a thrill is what you want, `Blue' is worth plunging into

MovieReview C+

September 30, 2005|By ROGER MOORE

Jessica Alba, how do we love thee? Let us photograph the ways. In a bikini. In the gin-clear waters of the Bahamas.

Into the Blue is a brutally competent thriller, decently cast, adequately acted and magnificently photographed. Cinematographer Paul Zuccarrini gives us stunning underwater shots and even more stunning under-Alba ones.

Paul Walker, who is to "bro" what Keanu Reeves is to "dude," plays Jared, a dive bum living on the margin in the lovely Bahamas with Sam (Alba). Old lawyer-pal Bryce (Scott Caan) shows up with a skinny floozy (Ashley Scott), they get a big boat and fresh air tanks and sure enough, they stumble across a shipwreck. If they can ID it before anyone else finds it, they can file a claim and the treasure will be theirs.

But there's this sunken smuggling plane a couple of hundred yards from the wreck. It's filled with bricks of cocaine. Can they resist the temptation to cash in there, or the urge to do the right thing and inform the authorities, losing their treasure?

The history here is Sahara stupid, and the finale ratchets up the gore to a horrific degree. Still, it's worth the plunge.

Roger Moore writes for the Orlando Sentinel.

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