In, out of water, flick of switch makes everything clear


September 29, 2005|By CANDUS THOMSON

Recoil 2410 flashlight

[Pelican, $59]

As the days get shorter, the need for a reliable light source increases, especially if your eyes don't see as well as they once did.

Pelican, the company famous for almost indestructible watertight and airtight equipment cases, has come up with a dandy flashlight for folks on the water.

Flashlight seems too ordinary a name for the neon-yellow Recoil 2410. Start with the white, laser-like beam of light it generates. Unlike many flashlights that scatter light, the Recoil's entire beam is as tightly focused as a Jedi's light saber.

The flag-style on-off switch is a cinch to operate underwater or with gloves, and the flashlight's elongated oval body is easy to hang on to. The flashlight is submersible to 500 feet, even if you aren't.

The Recoil weighs just one-half pound. Four AA batteries will power the LED for about five hours of illumination.

It retails for $59.

To find a retailer, call 800-473-5422 or e-mail

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