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September 29, 2005|By COX NEWS SERVICE

Mosquito Repelling Wrist Watch

[] $16.05

If you're sick of slathering on bug repellent, just to hazard about with the barbecue grill, this watch might just save your skin -- literally. Put it on, and it emits the sound of an approaching male mosquito. Why is this effective? Apparently, only pregnant female mosquitoes bite, and they avoid male mosquitoes like the plague. The ultrasonic waves act as a force field and allow you to reclaim your backyard.


[] $59.99

Let's face it: Trying to find the perfect wireless spot can be a royal pain. Either you wander around, laptop in hand, trying to find a peak signal, or you park it and hope that the signal strength allows you a fleeting connection to the Web. This Wi-Fi hotspotter finds the strongest possible signal for your mobile computing needs so you'll be sure that the signal lasts as long as you need it.

Auto Vent II

[] $39.95

The days of melted CDs and blistered backsides are gone. As the sun starts to broil your car seat, the Auto Vent II attaches to your car door window and carries that blasting hot breeze out. So make sure you've got the AC cranked up for the ride home, or you might wind up in a puddle next to that melted Hershey's bar.Pokia Cellular Handset


[] $29.95

This retro handset might seem a bit impractical at first, but it has won accolades across the board for ease of use and sound quality. Also, using this handset sure beats trying to cradle a cell phone between shoulder and ear while taking that important call.

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