Sightings of `Visiting' Kidman are rare

Workers in downtown building think they may have spotted star in town for movie shoot

September 27, 2005|By Stephen Kiehl | Stephen Kiehl,Sun Reporter

Word that Nicole Kidman was in the house swept through the 13 floors of the B&O Railroad Building yesterday, but actual sightings of the star -- in town to film The Visiting -- were rare.

"I saw somebody who resembled her," said a woman who answered the phone at Evans Reporting Service, on the building's ninth floor. "But until you get close you can't really be sure."

Several people who work in the building said The Visiting was filming on the ninth floor. Outside the building, at Charles and Baltimore streets downtown, three tractor-trailers filled with ladders, tables and other equipment idled on the street. Large men with hats that said "SECURITY" stood sentry. Film crew members with laptops and walkie-talkies buzzed about.

"It can't be any worse than working on The Wire for the past three seasons," one crew member said to another, referring to the HBO series that chronicles life in tough parts of Baltimore. "The east side was rough."

The surroundings for The Visiting, a tale of alien invasion, were considerably more posh yesterday. Building employees said one scene was filmed in the 99-year-old building's lobby -- an airy, elegant space with marble columns and a crystal chandelier.

The building's management company, Woodmark Real Estate, would not provide details on the filming. A publicist for the film could not be reached yesterday. And, at midday, the star was nowhere in sight.

"I haven't personally seen her, but someone saw her in the lobby earlier," said Pearl White, who works for Zurich Insurance on the third floor.

Leona Hollen, an administrator for a law firm on the sixth floor, reported high interest in the filming.

"They're talking about it," she said of her co-workers. "They're looking to see if they can be extras."

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