Team rankings

NFL Week

September 25, 2005|By Tribune Publishing NFL reporters; comments by Gary Blockus, Allentown Morning Call

(Last week's ranking in parentheses):

1. Steelers (3)

Going for 17th straight regular-season win.

2. Colts (2)

Defense is finally coming into its own.

3. Patriots (1)

Pressure is finally getting to Tom Brady.

4. Eagles (5)

T.O. and Donovan sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

5. Panthers (7)

Team is believing in Stephen Davis and Jake Delhomme.

6. Chiefs (6)

Monday night spotlight for Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson.

7. Falcons (4)

Michael Vick got hurt vs. Seahawks.

8. Buccaneers (15)

Rookie Carnell Williams is the real deal.

9. Giants (14)

First 2-0 start since Super Bowl season of 2000.

10. Bengals (19)

Chad Johnson had more than 100 yards receiving in first half.

11. Jaguars (10)

If Byron Leftwich goes down, there's no offense.

12. Jets (16)

Chad Pennington already has eight fumbles.

13. Cowboys (8)

Not a good night for a Ring of Honor induction.

14. Redskins (28)

Joe Gibbs still has it, after all.

15. Broncos (18)

Ron Dayne is on rise after falling off radar with Giants.

16. Seahawks (20)

Shaun Alexander ran for 144 vs. Atlanta.

17. Saints (12)

Thirteen penalties, six turnovers vs. Giants.

18. Bills (11)

Can only pray that Vick is out this week.

19. Chargers (9)

The league's best 0-2 team, unless they go 0-3.

20. Rams (23)

Steve McNair is about to unload in the Edward Jones Dome.

21. Bears (31)

Gave Detroit a beating. Who is Kyle Orton?

22. Ravens (13)

Jim Fassel's offense has produced 17 points.

23. Titans (30)

Defense held Jamal Lewis to 9 yards rushing.

24. Dolphins (22)

Gus Frerotte vs. Delhomme (yawn).

25. Raiders (24)

Back where they belong - near the bottom of the rankings.

26. Lions (21)

Need the bye week to figure out what went wrong.

27. Browns (32)

Next up: Colts, who own the stingiest defense in the league.

28. Vikings (17)

Daunte Culpepper is missing Randy Moss.

29. Packers (25)

Another Hall of Fame induction day gone sour.

30. 49ers (26)

Gave up five TD passes to Donovan McNabb.

31. Cardinals (29)

Marcel Shipp isn't enough to take the pressure off Kurt Warner.

32. Texans (27)

David Carr rushed for 46 yards, got sacked eight times, lost 59 yards.

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