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September 25, 2005

ISSUE: In a first significant step in the comprehensive rezoning process, Harford County planners announced this past week that they are recommending denial of 75 percent of the 325 applications submitted for parcels to be rezoned. The recommendations must go before the County Council. Is Harford County headed in the right direction with its initial recommendations on rezoning applications?

County should stick to its development plan

It's heartening to learn that Harford County planners will deny 75 percent of the 325 rezoning applications, particularly since the majority of citizens attending the four rezoning public hearings opposed these changes.

While I appreciate the need for county growth, the answer is not to haphazardly build houses and scatter commercial and industrial parks among our rolling green hills and bucolic pasture lands. We already have problems providing our existing citizenry with a potable water source, adequate landfills for disposal of garbage and trash, large enough schools and appropriate hospital bed capacity.

The swell in population which would follow unregulated growth and development would harm Harford County more than help it. More simply put, we have a development plan. Let's follow it.

Mohamed Mughal Joppa

We want your opinions


Harford Mall, the county's only enclosed shopping center, is planning an expansion and facelift that would attract higher-end clientele and alter the aesthetics of the facility, according to Bel Air and county officials. "I think retail's an industry that is constantly reinventing itself - there's constantly a need to freshen up the offerings," said J. Thomas Sadowski, the county's director of economic development. "New stores come onto the scene and generate interest and sales. This looks like a repositioning to better-serve those needs."

The plan is slated to be presented to the Bel Air Planning Commission on Oct. 6.


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