Harford History

September 25, 2005


The Harford County coat of arms was designed by George Van Bibber and adopted by the County Commissioners on Sept. 28, 1964.

The shield in the design is gold, which symbolizes the wealth of the county and the richness of its fields. Across the shield are waving bands of blue signifying three major Harford streams - Deer Creek, Bynum Run and Winters Run.

The crest is a two-handed forearm with the right hand holding a white quill symbolizing the pen used by those who wrote and signed the Bush Declaration, which supported independence and was signed by Harford residents. The left hand holds a sword, as if presenting the nation with the products of the defense industry at Edgewood Arsenal and Aberdeen Proving Ground.

The motto "At the Risque of Our Lives and Fortunes" is also the last eight words of the Bush Declaration. It preserves the same spelling for "risk" that is used in that document.

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