The Spanish Meson is now Timothy Dean - and it's good


September 25, 2005

There is a relatively new restaurant at 1717 Eastern Ave., which once housed one of my favorites, The Spanish Meson. What is the name of the new one and are there any reviews? I would like to take a friend there for her birthday.

- Barbara Phillips

The restaurant is Timothy Dean Bistro, a fine addition to Fells Point. You can read my review at

Do you ever find that a particular dislike of a food or dish interferes with your reviews? If you hated cheese, for example, and the house specialty was a cheese dish, I would think it would be problematic writing a fair review. In other words, how do you balance giving fair reviews with having inherent likes and dislikes?

- Brian Wolak

There aren't many foods I dislike, and it's never been an issue. It sort of works the other way for me. I love food in general; some foods I love to distraction. I'm sure that's true of most people who become restaurant critics.

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