September 24, 2005

Why does Bonds have respect for Palmeiro?

Barry Bonds says that he still respects Rafael Palmeiro and that they are still good friends. But how do you have respect for someone who used an illegal substance (steroids) to enhance his performance?

I can see possibly remaining friends with such a person depending on how I felt about them overall, but he definitely would have lost my respect around that specific incident.

What Mr. Palmeiro did was wrong and if Mr. Bonds cannot understand why trivializing or still having respect for such an individual like that actually endorses such behavior, he needs to stay inactive and by no means should be a role model for the countless number of fans and children who look up him.

Murphy Edward Smith


Ravens players need to back Billick's talk

Ravens coach Brian Billick is excellent with his use of the English language and can put a spit shine on most any response he gives. He is football's version of Don King.

The problem is that the Ravens haven't played one quarter of hard-nosed football yet in two games.

Billick is a players' coach, which burns up a fan who has to hustle at his job to afford entry to a Ravens game.

It would be nice to see this team return the favor. Two words I'd like to see the Ravens' players and coaches address: pride and heart.

Billick's being a verbalization expert cannot cover up a team playing lay-down football.

Jeff Novotny


Billick should speak, but no longer coach

Six seasons plus two games of pathetic, anemic - some would say nonexistent - offense.

Why is Brian Billick still the Ravens' coach?

Relieve him and the fans of this misery. Release him.

Let him devote his full time to motivational speaking. One thing we know he is good at is talking.

Eric F. Waller


Watching Dilfer win adds insult to injury

With utter disgust, I painfully watched the inept performance of the Ravens against the Tennessee Titans last Sunday.

There was so much blame to pass around for their horrendous play, it would be difficult to pinpoint any particular person or phase of the game.

What really hurt the most was that right after the Ravens' game, the Browns-Packers game came on TV, and I got to watch quarterback Trent Dilfer play a great game and guide the Browns to victory.

This is the same Dilfer who led the Ravens to the Super Bowl and then was not deemed worthy enough to continue to play for us.

Richard L. Coleman Jr.


It's time for Angelos to sell the Orioles

I actually feel sorry for Orioles owner Peter Angelos. He is totally out of his element and he doesn't even seem to realize it. How else can you explain so many years of complete and utter bungling in his attempt to develop the Orioles into a winner?

As a Maryland resident and lifelong Orioles fan, I am pleading with Mr. Angelos to sell the team to someone who will put the fans' interests first (rather than the organization's profit and loss statement) and then stick to what he knows best - serving as a master litigator.

I am willing to bet that if The Sun surveyed Orioles fans, the response would overwhelmingly support this action. Only then could the true rebuilding of the team begin.

Steve Carroll


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