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September 24, 2005


Rita is weaker, but still strong

A weakening Hurricane Rita howled toward the Texas and Louisiana coastline yesterday, its top winds at 125 mph, pushing water over a patched levee in New Orleans and paralyzing major highways for hours as more than 1 million people fled inland to avoid the storm. pg 1a


Israel retains power in Gaza

Settlers and Israeli troops are gone from the Gaza Strip but Israel retains authority over access and foreign trade. The Palestinians remain dependent on their former occupiers for almost everything, including their future. pg 12a


Ehrlich adviser investigated

A top adviser to Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. has become ensnared in the widening investigation of indicted Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff, with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee raising fresh questions this week about a company formed by the aide that stands accused of laundering money for the lobbyist. pg 1b

Ex-club owner accuses official

A former Baltimore club owner who boasted to undercover police that the chief city liquor inspector was tipping him off to police raids and liquor board inspections is cooperating with law enforcement officials, according to court records reviewed by The Sun. The liquor board inspector denied the allegations. pg 1b

Medicare's drug sign-up

Firing the starting gun in a race among private insurers to sign up millions of older Americans, federal officials announced which companies had been approved to offer new Medicare drug coverage. The announcement is the first of what will be a campaign geared to get older Americans to sign up for the new voluntary plans, which begin Jan. 1. pg 1a


Orioles end Palmeiro's season

The Orioles told Rafael Palmeiro that he wouldn't play again this year, isolating him from teammates, some of whom remain bitter that he brought up Miguel Tejada's name while appealing his positive steroid test. pg 1c


City has storied literary history

The book festival in Mount Vernon offers a suitable setting to check out Baltimore's long, and sometimes quirky, literary history, much of it found within walking distance of the square. pg 1d

Quote Of the day

"We are prepared as a community, more prepared than any community has been. We have had the biggest evacuation in America, but don't be naive - trees will fall."

Houston Mayor Bill White Article, PG 1A



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