The Kickoff

September 23, 2005

Good morning --Willie Parker-- If this keeps up, someone should check whether you're wearing glass-slipper cleats.

Your turn - Opinions

Should the NCAA hold its lacrosse final four anywhere else but Baltimore?

Maryland is the center of the lacrosse universe. We have the best teams, fans and facilities. Baltimore should be named the permanent home of the Final Four and be done with it!

Alan Jefferson

Ellicott City

The NCAA should rotate its lacrosse championships to increase the game's visibility in new markets and to enhance the overall development of the sport.

Jody Martin


We have the Jazz in Utah where there is no such music. We have the Lakers in Los Angeles where there are no such bodies of water. And we have Colts in Indianapolis where there surely are no such animals. Why not the NCAA lacrosse championships in Boston or New York or even Timbuktu.

Christopher Cheswick


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