Saliva-based test to detect ovulation


September 23, 2005|By Mary Beth Regan

A Miami company has introduced a new over-the-counter kit to monitor a woman's ovulation cycle, essential to planning or avoiding pregnancy.

The catch: Unlike popular kits that use urine to detect a woman's monthly hormone levels, the OvaTel ( is a saliva-based test. A woman uses a small, portable microscope to determine whether her saliva has higher salt levels than normal - an indication of ovulation.

Fertility Tech Inc., selling the OvaTel for $21.95, says it is the first nonbattery-operated saliva-based test. It gives results in minutes, company officials say, and is 98 percent accurate. Plus, women don't have to fuss with messy urine tests, the company says.

Bottom Line: Many women use simple urine tests to detect conditions ranging from pregnancy to diabetes. It's unlikely that carting around a microscope will prove easier.

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