iPod software is your new best friend

These applications will help you work out, rent a car, polish your pickup lines, get a date and pick the restaurant


September 22, 2005|By Amisha Padnani

Ever think your iPod could help you study, work out or get a date? Now there are dozens of software applications and accessories that can do just that.

Toss out those other music players by importing tunes from CDs and cassettes using the Boom Box (roxio.com/go/boom box, $49.95). Add some flair with iArt by downloading album art for your music library (iPod Soft.com, $10).

Now that it's just you and your iPod, try going for a walk with iToors, which offers free audio tours such as chocolate in Paris or literature in London (iToors com).

If you're traveling overseas, you'll always know what to say with iLingo, a portable language translator (talkingpanda.com, Euro Pack $49.95; Asia Pack, $39.95). Think you'll be renting a car? Don't forget iPod2Car, which provides CD-quality sound on your car stereo and charges your iPod battery at the same time (pe ripheral electronics.com, $189.99 on Amazon).

If you're on the train, your iPod can offer oodles of free entertainment. Download games, jokes and trivia from ipodArcade.com. Create your own text-based games using iStory Creator (iPod Soft.com) or create personality tests using PodSonality (aero solsoftware.com).

And if it's a commuter train you're on (perhaps you've temporarily ditched your petro-thirsty car), don't even bother lugging your laptop to work. Use iPresent It to convert PowerPoint presentations into slideshows with your iPod photo (zapptek.com, $17.95).

If you're a student, you can turn your iPod into a study guide with iPod Flash Cards (zeleksoft ware.com, $19.99) or record thousands of hours of seminars and play them back with iTalk's microphone and speaker (grif fintechnology.com, $39.99).

Of course, you can get your own personal trainer with PumpPod (pumppod.com, rates vary) or iWorkout (helmesinnovation s.com, $16.99).

If you're partying from home and need some drink ideas, check out iBar (talkingpanda.com, $29.95). Too dark by the time you get home from your night out? Light the way with iBeams, snap-on flashlights that are great for finding your keys (griffintechno logy.com, $19.99).

Amisha Padnani writes for Newsday.

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