The Kickoff

September 19, 2005

Good morning

Daniel Cabrera

So, the dugout is sort of like Las Vegas? What happens there ...


Should Sam Perlozzo return as manager?

He certainly should return, along with Beattie and Flanagan. This team needs continuity. Better question: Should Angelos remain owner?

C.M. Corbett


For once, Mr. Angelos, I beg you to make the correct decision. You owe Sam a full year to prove he's the right man for the job.

Michael Dutterer


He's been faithful to the organization for a long time, knows the players and how to play the game and deserves a chance on his own.

Nancy Cantville


He knows the team, the farm system, knows the organization. Now managing and doing a good job, minus six key players.

Robert J. Chapman Sr.

Ocean City

The past nine years my husband has transported the Orioles to/from games. Sammy represents the Oriole Way, as a teacher, just as my husband did for 30 years.

Phyllis Mackert


Can the Ravens still make the playoffs?

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