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September 19, 2005


Communication system lacking

With Hurricane Katrina exposing major communication failures among federal, state and local authorities, current and former officials say the country is still years away from implementing an effective crisis communication system. pg 1a

Dilemma for Senate Democrats

Judge John G. Roberts Jr., who gave away little during four days of Senate testimony last week, has put Democrats in a quandary. Should they oppose a Supreme Court nominee they can't stop? Or vote for a conservative jurist whose true intentions seem impossible to read? pg 2a

Showdown on New Orleans

Federal officials overseeing New Orleans' reconstruction said that the city is too dangerous and its living conditions too fragile to open it to evacuated residents, setting up a showdown with city leaders who want to allow 180,000 or more people into the city beginning today. pg 3a


Dead heat in German vote

Germany's voters left their country in suspense last night, as both Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and his conservative opponent claimed victory in parliamentary elections too close to call. pg 1a

Draft Iraqi charter OK'd

Iraq's transitional National Assembly approved the final draft of the new constitution yesterday while mourning the death of an assassinated legislator. pg 10a


Hybrid buses on the horizon

Transportation Secretary Robert L. Flanagan recently approved the purchase of 10 hybrid electric buses for the Maryland Transit Administration, and said if those are successful, he expects to replace the agency's entire fleet with the fuel-saving vehicles. pg 1b

Bill aimed to inform public

A bill designed to give the public more notice about decisions on controversial developments is being considered the Baltimore County Council. pg 1b


Price building to be renovated

A recognizable fixture of the Inner Harbor skyline is about to get a major interior makeover. Renovations at the 10-story office building at 100 E. Pratt St., home to T. Rowe Price, are expected to take until 2008. pg 1c

For Royo, a positive role

Andre Royo, familiar as the hard-luck drug addict Bubbles on HBO's The Wire, plays a successful journalist in G, an African-American take on The Great Gatsby that opened in theaters last week. Royo says he's been lucky to avoid the typecasting that can afflict African-American actors. pg 1c


Orioles lose to Devil Rays, 6-5

Alex Gonzalez scored the tie-breaking run on an eighth-inning throwing error by catcher Sal Fasano, helping the Tampa Bay Devil Rays beat the Orioles, 6-5. pg 1d


Ravens routed by Titans, 25-10

The Ravens were held without a first-half first down and were clobbered by the host Tennessee Titans, 25-10, falling to 0-2 for the first time since 2002. Jamal Lewis carried 10 times for 9 yards, and the Ravens managed a franchise-low 14 yards rushing. pg 1e


"If he turns out to be [Antonin] Scalia, and not [William H.] Rehnquist, and the next one turns out to be Rehnquist, then your life has changed."

Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr., on Judge John G. Roberts Jr., nominated to become the next chief justice Article, Pg 2aTeaming beer and cheese is a sharp idea.



Teaming beer and cheese is a sharp idea.

In Taste



The Baltimore Book Festival draws authors including Rolling Stone contributing editor Toure and George Ross from "The Apprentice."




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