A new day in Today

September 19, 2005

Welcome to the redesigned Today section.

While our look has changed, much of what you'll find here each Monday through Thursday will be familiar: lively writing about people, pop culture and arts and entertainment; columnists Kevin Cowherd and Susan Reimer; and favorites like the daily comics, puzzles, horoscope, TV highlights and listings.

What's new? A daily pick for something to see or do on the cover; color-coded TV listings on the back page; a "Critics Corner" featuring reports by The Sun's arts staff; and Fun & Games pages that include the horoscope, Ask Amy and the daily almanac.

On the weekends, Today takes on new identities: Friday is Movies Today, dedicated to news and features about film. Saturday is Go Today, with advice and ideas on how to spend your leisure time. And Sunday is A&E Today, an insightful (and fun) weekly look at the world of arts and entertainment.

For more about the redesigned Sun, see the reader's guide in today's paper.

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