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September 18, 2005

The answer page

Got questions? Let us try to answer them for you. Yes,we've made several changes, but many features remain the same. If you have comments about the redesign,we want to hear from you.


We're interested in hearing your thoughts and comments on the redesign of The Sun. Please call 410-539-1280 to register your feedback. If you would like to email us about the new look, please send you message to

Why did you redesign The Sun?

While the look of the newspaper has not changed much in nearly a decade, many other forms of media have changed significantly.

The past 10 years have seen the evolution of cell phones and the Internet and even television. The language of communication has become more colorful, more urgent and more necessary. We felt that it was time to take a fresh step into the future.

How do you know if readers wanted a new look? We can't know what every reader thinks, of course, but we gathered information from our readers through multiple sources. We used survey data on what topics interest Marylanders the most.

We also created a Baltimore Sun Reader Panel, consisting of about 200 of our most loyal readers, who gave opinions on everything from our logo to the kinds of news and information they wanted to see in the paper.

We tested design elements with 10 different focus groups and asked them to weigh in on our plans for the redesign. Most of them liked it.What they didn't like, we re-evaluated.

Are some features moving to different sections?

There are a few moves, including:

The Lottery results are appearing in the Maryland section instead of on Page 2A.

The Sunday editorial pages now appear in the back of the Main "A" section, as they do every other day of the week.

The Sunday crossword puzzles now appear in the new A&E Today section.

Columns by Jacques Kelly and Fred Rasmussen on Baltimore history move from the Today section to the Maryland section.

What new features are you offering?

We have many new features and several new sections:

Movies Today, a Friday section devoted to movie news and reviews.

Go Today, a Saturday section focused on your weekend life and plans.

A&E Today, a Sunday arts and entertainment section, replaces Arts & Society.

Modern Life, a lifestyle section devoted to the way we live now, replaces Home & Family.

Ideas, a provocative section on trends and hot topics that will appear on Sundays.

Varsity, a section on high school sports in your area, appearing Wednesdays.

Why do you have all this stuff on the front page about stories inside the paper?

One thing our readers have told us is that, with limited time to devote to the paper each day, they appreciate anything we can do to point them to stories or features of interest. So we are increasing what we call navigational aids, to help you find what you may be looking for.

With more pictures and bigger type, did you reduce the number of stories?

No. Storytelling is a long tradition of The Sun. Although, the type is slightly larger, we were able to maintain space for stories through customization of the font. It's slightly more condensed and taller than the old type font.

What happened to Perspective?

Ideas replaces the Perspective section with a fresh approach to hot topics and trends.

What happened to the Home & Family section?

Modern Life, which replaces Home & Family, focuses on the way we live today. The content is similar, but the approach is different. For one thing,we have added back the parties and society pages.

What happened to the Arts & Society section?

A&E Today is now the Sunday arts section with a broader mission to cover the entertainment scene.

Why did you change the names of Perspective/Home & Family/Arts & Society sections?

For each of these sections, it's more than a name change, it's a change in content. We think of the new sections as a fresh start and not derivative of the former ones.

Are the editorial pages moving?

On Sundays, the editorials have moved from Perspective to the "A" section of the paper. On Monday through Saturday, they will continue to appear in the "A" section.

Where did the Sunday crosswords go?

They have moved to the new A&E Today section.

What about Paul Moore's public editor column? Where can I find it?

The public editor's weekly column will appear on Page 2 of the Ideas section.

Did some features or stories go away?

We have mainly added features, not removed them.

Why aren't all the pages in color?

The Sun's press capacity for color is limited. We make the most of our color availability.

What did you do to the typeface/font?

We are introducing a custom typeface designed for our exclusive use. The typeface, called Mencken, was designed by the Porchez Type Foundry in France. You can read more about it on Page 8 of this section.

Am I going to have a hard time reading the little type in stories? In stock tables? In sports? In the TV schedule?

We use a typeface that is specifically crafted to be extremely legible at small sizes for use in these places.

Did the size of the paper change?

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