Letter to the Editor


September 18, 2005

I have been appointed to serve on the General Assembly task force to study identity theft, which is becoming a pervasive crime in Maryland. The crime has the potential to cost victims thousands of dollars and hours of aggravation and paperwork.

Often the culprit is never caught or prosecuted and the victim must bear the cost of the identity theft.

Maryland ranks 13th out of the 50 states for identity theft. The most common forms of fraud are credit card, phone, utility and bank fraud. In 2002, fraud cost Marylanders approximately $17 million.

I encourage Harford residents who have been victimized by identity theft or have concerns about this crime to write or call me with ideas as I prepare for upcoming meetings on the Task Force.

Citizen input will help me do a better job evaluating and analyzing the potential remedies available to curb and prosecute this crime. It is of vital importance that we are able to protect ourselves from this threat to our privacy and financial security.

You can e-mail me at susan_mccomas@house.state.md.us or write to me at P. O. Box 1204, Bel Air, MD 21014 or call me at 410-836-9449 or 410-879- 7375 in Bel Air or the 800-492- 7122, Ext. 3289, at the Annapolis office.

Del. Susan K. McComas,

District 35-B

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