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September 18, 2005

THE ISSUE: Do you think Merriweather Post had a good lineup this summer, and whom would you like to see next season?

Consider quality, not just quantity

Merriweather had a great year. IMP Productions has steadfastly maintained that the pavilion's success should be measured by the quality of the shows, not the quantity. And in this respect, it flourished.

Several of the summer's biggest tours came to Merriweather, including Maroon 5, Tom Petty, the Killers, and (my favorite) Jack Johnson, who had perhaps the biggest and loudest crowd I've seen yet. Moreover, to my knowledge, traffic and noise have not been significant sources of complaints, demonstrating once again that a major concert venue can peacefully coexist with our community.

If I had one thing to change about this year, I would have included a greater diversity of performers in the lineup. However, given the slow summer concert season and the uncertainty over Merriweather's future during the last year, I was very impressed with the work of IMP and am entirely confident that the past two successful seasons are only the beginning of a prosperous new life for our pavilion.

Ian Kennedy


The writer is president of Save Merriweather.

Turn Merriweather into a Wolf Trap

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Merriweather shows for this summer. I would love to see a simple, three-column chart comparing the lineups at Wolf Trap, Nissan Pavilion and the Merriweather with acts listed next to each date. I think there would be a ton of empty spaces for Merriweather. I was attracted to four concerts: Santana, Loggins and Messina, Sunday in the Country and the Jazz Festival.

One summer, there was a six pack of tickets for country artists. Not this year. What happened to the light rock/blues and golden oldies like James Taylor/Carole King/Bonnie Raitt/Anita Baker that I always loved that I see throughout the summer at Wolf Trap? I live in Columbia and never know who is playing at Merriweather as there is no advertising in The Sun or the Columbia Flier or at the Mall. I get a four-page color brochure for Wolf Trap in April. Why can't Howard County turn Merriweather into a Wolf Trap?

David Holdefer


Hoping the pavilion stays the same

Merriweather has always a great place to see a concert. I've been going there for years (Buffett was my first years ago, and I was hooked!) Not having Buffett or Rascall Flatts was disapointing this summer, especialy since Rascall cancelled last year [on] the night of the concert (sickness, I think). Hope Merriweather never leaves and stays the same.

Dave Dwyer


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THE ISSUE: Recently, a 23-month-old boy, Alex Ferrera, was playing with a group of day care children at the Columbia Association playground near Lake Elkhorn, when he wandered away unnoticed and drowned in the lake. Several people are pushing for a fence around the playground, which they say is unsafe. Do you think the association should build a fence?

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