Autumn at Last

As Fall Officially Rushes In, Rejoice In These Pleasures Of The Season

Focus On Fall

September 18, 2005|By Lori Sears | Lori Sears,SUN STAFF

THE COLORFUL LEAVES. Walk down any sidewalk, drive down any street or road, hike through any forest, and you'll be overcome by the splendor of the leaves. The reds, oranges, yellows and browns, all filling the landscape and painting a perfect fall scene -- it's a sight to behold. THE COOL WEATHER. Your air conditioner got quite a workout this summer and is ready for a reprieve, as is your checkbook. So click off the A / C and wish the oppressive heat a fond farewell. That first crisp day of fall when you need a light jacket, want to drive with the windows down and sleep with the windows open is a day of pure delight. FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL FOOTBALL. For lots of folks, fall means only one thing: football. So whether you're a college football nut or a National Football League fanatic, this is your time. From parties around your big-screen TV to tailgating on the parking lot of M&T Bank Stadium, you're ready for some football. HALLOWEEN. Sure, we all say it's a kids' holiday. But we all know grown- ups enjoy it, too. And not just because of the candy that we get to guiltlessly purchase, and the goodies that the kids bring home. More than that (OK, maybe not), we enjoy the ghoulish decorating of the house, dressing up the kids, attending Halloween parties, visiting haunted houses, and yes, playing dress up ourselves. (Did we mention the candy?) FALL TV SEASON. What's on the tube? Everything. Fall ushers in the new TV season. The choices are endless -- from comedies and dramas to sci-fi thrillers and reality shows -- and sure, we're all hopeful that there will be a few winners in the bunch. So we watch and see. And watch and watch and watch. And watch and watch and watch. BALTIMORE BOOK FESTIVAL. You needn't be a literary hound to enjoy the annual Baltimore Book Festival Friday through Sept. 25 at Mount Vernon Place. There will be author appearances, including Candace Bushnell, (creator of Sex and the City), Alan Dershowitz, Toure and Art Buchwald, as well as books for sale, poetry readings, cookbook demonstrations, live music, food and more, for visitors of all ages. Call 877-BALTIMORE for details. FALL FRUITS. Visiting the pumpkin patch is a fall ritual for many families. Picking out that adorable, misshapen runt of a pumpkin that your daughter "needs" is an annual family activity. And visiting farms and farmers' markets for every conceivable variety of apple is a fall ritual, too. Who can resist? Gala apples are the best. No? Jonathans? Fujis? Staymans? Take your pick. And while you're visiting the pumpkin patches or country farms, be sure to take a bouncy, fall hayride. NO MORE MOWING. Put away the lawnmower. The grass won't need to be mowed until spring. No more brow-wiping. No more soaking- wet, sweaty shirts. No more expensive gas to purchase for the mower. Or, if you're among the -- shall we say -- not-so-hands-on homeowners when it comes to mowing, fall means no more paying the friendly mower guy, who, sadly, isn't so smiley, now that FALL IS HERE.

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