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New sections are Ideas, A&E Today

September 18, 2005

When the first Arts & Society section appeared in The Sun on April 19, 1998, readers were greeted by the slightly demonic visage of filmmaker John Waters, a man whose work has helped define Baltimore - for better or worse - for the rest of the world.

Today, as the Arts & Society section ceases publication, we leave you with the idyllic images of another artist whose work has helped to paint Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay region in a certain light: photographer A. Aubrey Bodine.

In between these two men of vision have come a long parade of artists, thinkers, politicians, producers, authors and everyday people from all over. Over 334 Sundays, we've published more than 7,000 stories, in areas ranging from arts and ideas to pop culture, science to religion, politics to poetry. We've tried each week to entertain, inform, amuse and provoke.

We'd like to think that in some small way, our work, too, has helped define Baltimore, and maybe the wider world, for you. We'll continue to try to do that in the new sections you'll find in The Sun beginning next Sunday:

A&E Today: This new section will expand on the arts and entertainment coverage now found in Arts & Society, with lively features, profiles and critical thinking. It will also include a calendar of forthcoming arts events, DVD reviews, TV highlights and opportunities for readers to quiz Sun critics. The Sunday crosswords and other puzzles will also appear here, moving from the Perspective section.

Ideas: This new section, replacing Perspective, will explore the issues, people and trends driving our culture. It will also include the book reviews now found in Arts & Society.

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