To our readers

September 18, 2005

Starting Tuesday, our redesigned daily Business sections will make it easier to find the key statistics you look for every day, pack in more news from around the nation and world, and add a daily profile of a person or company in the news.

The section banner -- in the distinctive color of money -- will now contain closing prices and changes for the major U.S. stock indexes, the euro, the 10-year Treasury bond and oil prices.

Pages 2 and 3 of the daily section will be labeled Business Ticker and be more consistent in both content and presentation. Key interest rates and the spot-market prices for gold, platinum, silver and oil will be included in the page headings, and closing prices for key foreign stocks, markets and other U.S. indexes will be highlighted in larger type faces at the bottoms of those pages. Business Ticker will also feature an expanded briefs column, with each item labeled by subject matter; and graphics that are bolder and easier to read.

No reductions have been made in any market listings, and the type size is unchanged.

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