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1955 : Public school integration begins

September 16, 2005

Two African-American children enrolled at the new Sunnyside Acres School near Glen Burnie in September 1955, marking one of the first steps toward public school integration in Anne Arundel County.

Sunnyside Acres School was one of two public schools open to black and white students. The other, the Millersville School for children with cerebral palsy, did not receive applications for admission.

Altogether, 45 children applied for admission to Sunnyside Acres but only 30 were accepted, because each of the three teachers could handle only 10 students.

With the exception of the two special needs schools, all other schools continued to operate on a segregated basis. Sunnyside Acres School was a pilot school opening for the first time and one of only two of its kind in the state; the other was located in Prince Georges County.

Source: The Maryland Gazette

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