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September 13, 2005

New housing adds to rebirth of Allegany Co.

Here's a suggestion for Dan Rodricks, the presumably well-meaning columnist who recently recommended the state should attempt to block one of the first steps in Allegany County's long-awaited growth. Please, get out here and do some homework before you presume to understand our needs and opportunities ("Builder's plan sprawls beyond good reason," Sept. 5).

Allegany County has become one of Maryland's most desirable places to live, work and visit. That will not change if we create an amenity-driven development close to our eastern border and the interstate.

The target market for Terrapin Run, as outlined by the developer many times during 34 hours of zoning hearings, is much closer than Mr. Rodricks implies. Potential Terrapin Run buyers are likely to be people who work in Washington and Frederick counties but are unable to afford quality housing in those overbuilt areas.

It does Allegany County a disservice for an outsider to glibly shoot from the hip and tell us to settle for tourism-related jobs while slipping our industrial past under a carpet of pristine parks and forests.

That kind of choice is years behind us now.

Our enviable quality of life, picturesque towns and new commitment to technology are attracting record numbers of visitors and relocation prospects, who are moving here to become part of an entrepreneurial new frontier - and none of this will change if we have a development that allows young working families and active adults to live just west of their current jobs.

Dave Williams


The writer is president of a public relations firm that represents Terrapin Run.

A hate-filled attack on President Bush

It comes as no surprise to see a column criticizing the Bush administration in The Sun. But the ignorant, hate-filled invective of Gordon Adams exceeds the limits of civilized political discourse ("After Katrina fiasco, time for Bush to go," Opinion * Commentary, Sept. 8).

Mr. Adams also seems to be ignorant about our system of government.

As far as I know, Louisiana still possesses certain rights as a state.

How on Earth was the federal government supposed to seize New Orleans city buses and evacuate residents?

Why the city did not use the buses remains a mystery.

The failings of the Federal Emergency Management Agency were many. But it was never intended to be a first responder to disaster, and that is evidently what New Orleans, Louisiana and Mr. Adams expected.

Bryson Christhilf


Gordon Adams' column "After Katrina fiasco, time for Bush to go" is nothing more than a vindictive attack on President Bush and members of his administration.

It would appear that Mr. Adams, who was a member of the Clinton administration, is seeking some sort of revenge.

As for his list of President Bush's mistakes and failures, it reflects his prejudices and the present attack strategy of the Democratic Party, which is proceeding without regard for accuracy or for the actual events in New Orleans.

The Sun should have set a higher journalistic standards and rejected this column and its name-calling, derogative invective, and rush to judgment.

Kirk Q. Adams

Bel Air

Call for Bush to go gives critics a voice

I am grateful to Gordon Adams for giving voice to something many of us have been thinking ("After Katrina fiasco, time for Bush to go," Opinion * Commentary, Sept. 8).

Mr. Adams notes so articulately the incompetence of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, President Bush vacationing as people began to drown, his outrageous support of rebuilding Sen. Trent Lott's house, his blaming local officials for the disaster and his incredible remark that "nobody could anticipate a breach of the levee."

I agree it is time for the Bush administration to be held accountable and then be ridden out of town.

Paul I. Kaplan


Gordon Adams was right on target when he called for President Bush's resignation.

The only problem with that is we would have someone even worse in charge: Vice President Dick Cheney.

How can we tolerate this cruel, greedy and dangerously inept Bush administration for three more years?

Jack Sherwood

Severna Park

Review of response to disaster is needed

Gordon Adams rightly points out some of the more egregious deficiencies of the Bush administration's response to the catastrophe ("After Katrina fiasco, time for Bush to go," Opinion * Commentary, Sept. 8).

Of even deeper concern to me is my feeling that, while better leadership could have reduced the errors, the structure of our various government agencies leads inevitably to such performance.

A total review of government's role is surely in order.

Then, a plan to efficiently ensure that it can provide its citizens with basic services needs to be developed.

It's time to put politics and greed to pasture.

Bart Kinlein

Ellicott City

Roberts isn't ready to lead the court

Let me change the subject briefly away from Hurricane Katrina to the nomination of Judge John G. Roberts Jr. ("Roberts starts on path toward confirmation," Sept. 12).

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