Pull up some socks


September 11, 2005|By Tanika White | Tanika White,Sun Staff

In the warm days of summer, a flirty skirt worn with smooth bare legs is not only appropriate, it's also downright sexy. But as it gets cooler, sometimes that bared-leg look comes off as a little impractical. It's hard to be cute with legs covered in goose bumps.

Instead of pantyhose or tights this fall, why not try a funky pair of long socks, which are not only warm, but one of the more fun sub-trends of the season.

Knee-high socks worn with boots, flats, wedges and loafers are a whimsical way to show some fashion flair -- and keep your legs cozy and warm at the same time.

Wear your socks plain with wild shoes, or wear your shoes plain with socks done up in argyle, stripes, plaids or flowers.

We love jeans -- holes or not

All the fashion experts are telling us that it's time to clean up, particularly where your jeans are concerned. Apparently, gone are the days of dirty denim. No more rips, snags and frayed edges.

But retailers seem not to have gotten that message. In fact, fashion rules have expanded to include both your sophisticated, embellished jeans -- trouser cuts and slender pairs in dark indigo -- as well as your roughed-up, spotted, just-pulled-these-from-the-dog's-teeth jeans.

And thank goodness. We versatile ladies have a lot of places to go, a lot of mixed-up moods and a lot of looks to correspond with them all.

So don't throw away your hole-y jeans. No matter what fashion fuddy-duddies (or your grandma) say.

Rub in your calcium

You take your daily calcium supplements. You drink a glass of milk with your coffeecake in the morning. Your bones are strong and healthy, but what about your skin?

As a woman ages, she loses essential calcium in her skin, the same way she does in her bones. But taking calcium supplements orally has little proven effect on the skin.

Now Lancome has developed a calcium complex that the company says can be absorbed by the skin to help strengthen and re-densify skin for a more radiant and youthful appearance. Created especially for women over age 55, this new product -- Platineum Hydroxy-Calcium Re-Densifying and Strengthening Cream -- was 10 years in the making.

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