Everyone is a critic

September 11, 2005

Though we wish it weren't so, we know that all readers don't necessarily agree with all of The Sun's critics all of the time. So we'd like to give you a chance to ask questions or weigh in on arts topics.

The Sun's new Movies Today section, which will include reviews, feature stories and information about films and the people who make them, will make its debut Friday, Sept. 23. In a feature titled "You're Such a Critic," we'll raise a timely issue or question and invite you to offer answers and opinions. The first question is this:

The summer was considered a box office bust. Are movies simply not as good as they once were?

Please send answers by e-mail to arts@baltsun.com, with your name, phone number and city, as well as the words "You're Such a Critic" in the subject line. Selected entries will be published in Movies Today.

On Sundays beginning Sept. 25, The Sun will publish a new section called A&E Today (replacing Arts & Society), which will include features, profiles, news and observations about the arts. In it, we'll also offer you a chance to question The Sun's critics (film, classical music, pop music, TV, media, visual arts, architecture, theater) in their fields, and publish responses to the best inquiries we get.

To submit a question for "Ask the Critic," go online to baltimoresun.com/askthecritic, fill out a form and voila! You are heard.

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