Letters To The Editor


September 04, 2005

Partners In Care in need of drivers

Thank you for printing the article about the valuable work that Partners In Care provides in the community ("Volunteers Go Extra Mile," Aug. 26). I commend the writer for capturing the scope and the heart of our endeavors, and hope to clarify one aspect of the program.

Although members of the program help each other daily with transportation, handyman repairs, errands, and other neighborly tasks, assistance with transportation is certainly the most requested service. It is important to note that while we have 1,800 members who offer whatever talents they can to help each other stay independently at home, it is only approximately 250 of these members who have volunteered to drive others to the doctor and to important errands on a regular basis. We need more individuals to consider volunteering their time as drivers, and we need local businesses to help with soaring fuel costs.

The demand for rides increases each year as the senior population swells, and the stress on our drivers, who often are on fixed incomes, grows as the cost of gasoline rises. Flexible scheduling, volunteer insurance and gas reimbursement are incentives for citizens to participate in this remarkable model of independent senior transportation.

We also need the financial backing of community businesses to ensure that the economics of fuel prices does not dampen the spirit of community-building that is evident in the caring services provided to seniors every day by Partners In Care. It is a worthwhile investment.

Barbara Huston

President and CEO, Partners In Care

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