September 03, 2005

Article was inaccurate, Mount Hebron girls say

Regarding the article by Kate Crandall about Mount Hebron girls lacrosse ["At Mt. Hebron, winning so much it hurts,"Aug. 21], we wanted to let The Sun know that we were disappointed at the tone of the article, the inaccurate information, the misquotes and the quotes that were taken out of context.

We literally spent hours talking to the reporter over the course of three months. While we did talk about the pressure of being on the top-ranked team in the nation and the dedication required to maintain that ranking, we also repeatedly emphasized the joy of playing together, the other aspects of high school life that we experienced and the excitement we feel about playing for our respective colleges.

We were told that the article would portray Mount Hebron lacrosse players as "real people" and would mention our accomplishments outside of lacrosse and our plans and goals for the future in order to shine light on our team and give the community a look into our personalities.

We were proud and privileged to play for Mount Hebron and we would not have wanted it any other way. We are typical teenagers who enjoyed lacrosse, but who also made the most of the academic and social aspects of high school. Unfortunately, the article did not express the positive feelings that we continually expressed in the numerous interviews. We hope that younger lacrosse players are not discouraged by the article.

While lacrosse, like any sport, can be physically demanding, it is also extremely rewarding and it does not preclude the pursuit of other interests in high school.

We are grateful for the many friends we have made through lacrosse both at Mount Hebron and through our offseason leagues. We regret that our love for the sport and for Mount Hebron did not come through in the article.

Meg Taylor, Merissa Eide, Ginna Lance, Cassie Krause and Mary Clare Taylor Ellicott City

Editor's note: The writers were the senior co-captains of the Mount Hebron team.

Reporter's response

The information and quotes were taken directly from transcripts of 10 hours of interviews, both in person and over the phone, and another reporter was present for one of the in-person interviews. The quotes in the story also reflect the tone in which they were said. The intention of the article was to understand the highs and the lows of playing on such an overwhelmingly successful team as Mount Hebron.

Kate Crandall

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