Extradition proceedings are delayed for suspect in Baltimore County rape


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September 02, 2005|By Lisa Goldberg | Lisa Goldberg,SUN STAFF

A Cockeysville man arrested in southern Oregon this week on charges he raped a woman in Timonium -- and who was named as a suspect in two other crimes in California, including rape -- asked to be represented by a lawyer during a court hearing yesterday, effectively putting off any question of his extradition to Maryland for at least two weeks.

Bail was also set at $500,000 for David Corwin Mollett, 35, said Ed Caleb, the district attorney for Klamath County, Ore. Caleb said he is planning to ask a judge to increase the amount.

A new hearing date was set for Sept. 15, Caleb said.

Mollett, who previously served time in military prison for a series of crimes, including rape, admitted to the Aug. 21 assault in Baltimore County, as well as the two California crimes, according to Detective Sgt. John Hubbard, an investigator in Shasta County, Calif.

Authorities there said in a news release and during an interview Wednesday that Mollett also implicated himself in several other crimes between the East Coast and California. But an Oregon State Police detective involved in interviews with the Cockeysville man said yesterday that no other incidents came up while Mollett was being interrogated.

"He's been more than willing to cooperate," said Detective Jason Westfall.

Mollett was arrested Tuesday after a patrol sergeant came across a stopped sport utility vehicle whose operator had written "needs gas" in the dirt on the vehicle's back window, Westfall said.

A routine check for warrants turned up the Baltimore County rape case, and Mollett was arrested, he said.

Mollett has also been identified as a suspect in a robbery in Bakersfield in Southern California and in the sexual assault of a hitchhiker in Shasta County in Northern California, authorities said. Both crimes occurred this week.

Caleb said yesterday that he has been told warrants will be issued in both California jurisdictions.

Mollett's military record includes convictions on charges of rape, assault and battery, indecent assault, assault with intent to commit rape and disorderly conduct, according to a U.S. Army spokeswoman.

Mollett, who was with the 3rd Infantry Division, pleaded guilty to the crimes, which took place on four days between Sept. 29 and Oct. 6, 1991, according to Martha Rudd, the spokeswoman.

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