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August 28, 2005


Black alliance in disarrayThe National Alliance of Black School Educators, the country's largest minority teacher and school administrator group, is facing major financial problems and is at risk of going under, a recent letter from the group's president reveals. [Page 3a]

Katrina threatens New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina was expected to gain force over the Gulf of Mexico yesterday, and threatened to make a direct hit on New Orleans. With landfall expected early tomorrow, fleeing residents jammed freeways and gas stations. [Page 4a]


Bush pleads for patience

President Bush urged Americans yesterday to be patient with the U.S. mission in Iraq, while protesters and counter-protesters gathered in Crawford, Texas. In Baghdad, majority Shiites and minority Sunni Arabs remained deadlocked over the draft constitution. [Page 1a]

Israel denounces militant's threat

Israeli officials condemned new threats from Hamas fugitive Mohammed Deif, who vowed in a videotape to fight to destroy Israel. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's government urged Palestinian leaders to rein in militants. [Page 14a]


Fatalities spur calls for change

State lawmakers and highway safety advocates hope an increase in deaths related to drunken driving will prompt the General Assembly to pass stiffer penalties next year. Fatal crashes involving drivers with blood alcohol levels of 0.08 percent or higher rose 12 percent in Maryland last year. [Page 1b]

Vacancy creates court backlog

Criminal cases are piling up in Allegany County, where a political standoff has left the District Court operating with just one full-time judge since late last year. Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. was given the names of three candidates for the vacancy by a nominating panel in December but has yet to interview any of the finalists. [Page 1b]


Market balloons for orphan drugs

The 1983 federal Orphan Drug Act, which gives lucrative incentives to manufacturers of drugs for rare diseases, has made orphan drugs just a fraction of the $300 billion pharmaceutical industry. But the development of these drugs is one of the industry's fastest-growing sectors, doubling nationwide over the past two years. [Page 1d]

Don't risk disclosure

Consumers can protect themselves from identity theft by limiting disclosure of their Social Security number. That can mean politely refusing to give out your number when there's no legal reason to give it or walking away from a company that insists. [Page 1d]


Athletics pound Orioles, 12-3

The Oakland Athletics battered Orioles starter Eric DuBose for six runs in two-plus innings on the way to handing the host Orioles a 12-3 loss. The Orioles, who made three errors, have lost seven of their past eight games. [Page 1e]

Kenseth captures Sharpie 500

Matt Kenseth used his first victory since March 2004 to strengthen his chance to make NASCAR's Nextel Cup playoffs, winning the Sharpie 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway. The top 10 drivers in the standings after Sept. 10 make the playoffs, and Kenseth's victory pushed him to 11th. [Page 3e]


Cook's `Retaliation' takes off

Dane Cook, the first comedian to have a hit album since Steve Martin almost 30 years ago, is a product of the Internet and of a big push to save the comedy album from extinction. Cook's rocking and ribald Retaliation made its debut this month at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart. [Page 1f]


Chasing a rosier past

From the Dukes of Hazzard and Bewitched to the return of VW Beetles, our popular culture is awash in nostalgia. It's our way, says trend analyst Jody Turner, "of checking out when we really don't know how to address" a world that has tough choices. [Page 1n]



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"We should always remember, we prayed for this, we asked for this. Now that we're here, we should be grateful. And we should deliver."

Aileen Mercado, one of 58 teachers from the Philippines who will start jobs this week in Baltimore schools. (Article, Page 1A)

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