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August 28, 2005

Since this issue was posed to readers, the Maryland Stadium Authority chose proposals from Annapolis and Cecil County as finalists for the site of the Maryland Horse Park.

THE ISSUE: Carroll County was one of six jurisdictions to offer the Maryland Stadium Authority a proposal for a horse park. The proposed equine showcase would include a 5,000-seat amphitheater, performance rings, hundreds of horse stalls and a museum.

Carroll officials proposed a 600-acre farm near Taneytown as the location of the Maryland Horse Park. The property, which adjoins Route 140, would need major infrastructure improvements, including public water and sewer.

Members of the stadium authority visited the site and commented favorably on the location and terrain.

The county must prepare an economic development analysis and provide details of any technical issues for a presentation tomorrow to the stadium authority. Should the county land the project, the state would have to buy the family-owned farm.

The commissioners do not expect to use county revenues for the horse park, which could generate as much as $100 million annually and be a boon to area tourism.

There could, however, be traffic and noise problems for the rural community.

Financial bottom line should be the focus

The county commissioners should absolutely pursue the horse park revenue.

No houses, horses. A financial bottom line boom.

It is also another reason why our legislators must get their heads out of the sand and vote for slots.

Thomas Yingling Westminster

Take opportunity to highlight area history

I am in favor of the equestrian center in Carroll County.

Carroll County has long been known for its beautiful scenery and laid back pace of life. I believe this type of addition would be keeping in line with that feeling. I have had the pleasure of visiting the property several times and in my opinion, it has just the right amount of history to be appealing and the landscape is just beautiful.

My only concern would be to keep some of that history intact. For example, there is an old school house (now converted into a farm equipment garage) that has carvings on the outside from many previous students, some dating back to the 1800s. If that particular building or just the exterior wall could be preserved, I think that would be a wonderful bit of history for visitors to enjoy.

The house itself that is currently built on the land is also incredible with its multiple passageways and nifty little cellar. It would be a shame to lose that special charm that the house could bring to the project.

Anjanette Wall Baltimore

Carroll Co.'s location offers large benefit

In response as to whether the Carroll County commissioners should pursue building a horse park in Carroll County - I do think this venture should be pursued.

Not only will it help tourism, but will give horse people a place to have many horse related activities. Visitors from Maryland, Pennsylvania and other counties would benefit.

Cecil County has Fair Hill; Havre de Grace is too close to Fair Hill; the Eastern Shore is too far away to be easy to get to. Carroll County has a central location to benefit all.

Alice Slade-Myers Arden Farm Westminster

County can be very equestrian-friendly

The Westminster/Taneytown area is a perfect location for the Maryland Horse Park.

Numerous large show and competition barns of a variety of disciplines are located within a reasonable drive, and the agricultural aspects of Carroll County support the infrastructure necessary to host large equestrian events.

Karen Hammond Westminster

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