Lacing With Style


August 28, 2005|By MICHAEL GRANT | MICHAEL GRANT,Sun Staff

It's back-to-college time, and if you want to get off to a fashionably great start, the last thing you need is to get stuck with a bunch of nice outfits, with no clue about what shoes to wear with them.

Sneakers make a great selection because you can do so much with them. You may be happier with your purchase if you get a pair you can add style to.

Just by lacing your shoes in a different way, you can enhance a once-dull shoe, as well as the look and feel of your whole outfit.

There are ways to make a regular sneaker go from basic to flashy, typical to unique.

Whether on campus or at a social event, your friends will be impressed to see how your outfit came together, with the finishing touch coming from the way you laced your shoes.

Here's a quick primer on various ways to lace those new back-to-school kicks.

Look closely at the differences in pattern, as they really do change the look and feel of the shoe. (Hint: Start all your shoes with the standard horizontal lace at the row of eyelets closest to the toe).



This is likely to be the most common method used to lace shoes. The laces make their way up the shoe through criss-crossing eyelets.

Checker style

Two laces are needed for this interwoven style, which is very eye-catching and makes for a nice pattern. Just start with a shoe that has been straight-laced. Next, take a second lace beginning from the top of the tongue, and start at the far left. Take the lace through the parallel laces going over and under. Once you reach the last lace near the toe, simply wrap the lace under and proceed with the over-and-under pattern. Repeat.

Straight lacing

Straight lacing is a neat and tidy style of lacing commonly found on sneakers on display in stores. You can achieve this stylishly simple look by following these steps:

Take the left lace directly up to the shoe's first eyelet, bring it across the tongue to the eyelet directly across. Skip an eyelet with the right lace, bring it through and directly across. Then repeat.

Out of the box

This style, perhaps the easiest, is simply criss-crossing the laces twice, skipping at least three eyelets at a time. You can wear them "fresh out of the box" -- generally the way they come when you buy them -- or lace them that way for a similar look.

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