August 27, 2005

Ponson episode masks real problem: Angelos

Friday's column by Peter Schmuck ["It's time to put Ponson in the rearview mirror"] has a cute title, seems hard-hitting on the surface, but is nothing more than a continuation of avoiding stating the real problem with the Orioles' organization: an owner who is so obsessed with dictatorial control that he hires only family, friends and flunkies!

One of the strongest lines ever uttered about an Orioles player (Ponson) was the following from Schmuck's column: "He has gone from cuddly career adolescent to clubhouse cancer, which must now be cured or cut out."

Sadly, this strong utterance should have not been about Ponson, but about the Orioles' owner, Peter Angelos.

Joseph Cierniak Glen Burnie

Orioles get caught looking over the hill

In the past 20 years, the Orioles have always seemed much too willing to take chances on stars well past their primes. Joe Carter, Ray Knight, Dwight Evans, Rick Burleson, Alan Wiggins, Fred Lynn, Doug Drabek and Sammy Sosa were all stiffs basically by the time they got here.

Now Rafael Palmeiro, another star apparently past his prime, makes an even bigger joke out of Baltimore with his steroid use.

Pete Rose is looking pretty clean-cut right now, and Shoeless Joe Jackson looks like an altar boy.

John S. Burke Towson

Steele, French paper wrong about Armstrong

David Steele's column on Thursday ["Cycling's fans want answers, not a ride"] was as offensive and inflammatory as the assertions made by journalists for France's L'Equipe newspaper.

Since when are the results of an investigation conducted by a daily sports newspaper taken as proven scientific fact? Since when does an athlete who has always tested negative for illegal drugs have to prove he hasn't taken drugs that are undetectable?

Since when is raising money to fight cancer somehow tainted because of these claims?

Mr. Steele seems to think that Armstrong must prove that he did not take EPO to enhance his performance. Well, he will have to take Armstrong's word on that one, since he already has admitted that he was administered the drug during his treatments for cancer.

It seems the only person who thinks athletes are guilty until proven innocent is Mr. Steele.

Sarah King Scott Monkton

Did Mt. Hebron team lose joy for the game?

It was interesting to read about the Mount Hebron girls lacrosse team's winning streak last Sunday ["At Mt. Hebron, winning so much it hurts"].

However, I was disappointed in the attitude that seems to have taken over the girls' minds, that winning isn't everything, it is the only thing.

I didn't get the impression that the girls, who concentrate on lacrosse year-round, and their parents were enjoying lacrosse for the fun of the game.

Rather, they and their parents were enjoying the fact that they were winning and keeping the "streak" alive. I don't think that is where high school lacrosse should be heading.

J. McDonald Kennedy Baltimore

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