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August 21, 2005

ISSUE: The days shorten, the locusts' buzzing reaches a crescendo, and youngsters master the art of sleeping later and later - all indications that the start of the school year is near.

The school year opens in Harford County in two weeks, on Aug. 29. One vivid illustration that school is right around the corner can be found in the school supplies aisle of most local discount stores.

It's the time of summer when many parents and their children clog the lanes, trying to beat the rush (too late!) to pick up all the items on the ever-growing list of academic necessities. The cost of school supplies - like that of gasoline - continues its upward trend and the calendar date when school stuff appears in stores gets earlier and earlier.

QUESTION: Do you have any tales - good, bad or ugly - of back-to-school shopping to share?

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