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August 21, 2005

Unfounded fears on treatment plant

I attended the initial public hearing concerning the expansion of Glenelg High and the wastewater plant. The opponents have not changed their reasons for opposing the plan. The only thing they have done is hire ... lawyer Allen Dyer to present their case. The general argument voiced by the opponents is filled with unfounded speculations and fears, supported with "what ifs." They have no meaningful data to support what they consider a legal opposition.

I am a 30-year resident of western Howard County and have not heard of or been told about a disease epidemic caused by septic system contamination. Wastewater treatment facilities are used by most municipalities large and small in handling sewage wastewater. The opponents say the school system is adding the additional 50,000 gallons to accommodate a new development of 32 new homes. Also, their legal representative believes the system will be maintained by the school system, not the county. I'm absolutely certain [that] whoever maintains the system will hire competent, technically trained personnel with experience in managing the facility.

I don't think the opponents really know what a wastewater treatment system looks like and how they operate. They should visit any municipality's facility so they can make an intelligent argument and stop delaying the renovation process, using unfounded reasons and projecting fear on the community.

The current Dayton Elementary School, now under construction, will have a wastewater treatment facility similar to the one planned for Glenelg High. Why wasn't that plan opposed? It is my wish that the court disallow the opponents' appeal. Glenelg High students need more space to overcome the overcrowding. The blame for the delay in expansion rests with the opponents and their continuing appeals.

Steward H. Frazier Jr. DVM

Ellicott City

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