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August 19, 2005


NASA postpones shuttle launch

NASA won't launch a space shuttle again until March, at the earliest, because engineers need time to determine why foam keeps breaking off the ships external fuel tanks during flight, the agency announced yesterday. NASA is considering various fixes, including removing and re-applying foam in an area that shed the largest piece of debris during the July 26 launch of shuttle Discovery. [Page 3a]

Ohio governor pleads no contest

Ohio Gov. Robert A. Taft pleaded no contest yesterday to charges that he violated state ethics laws by failing to report golf outings and other gifts, the latest development in a wide-ranging political scandal triggered by a $50 million investment of public money in rare coins. [Page 4a]

King suffers heart attack, stroke

Coretta Scott King suffered a minor heart attack and a major stroke that impaired her ability to speak and affected her right side, but she is completely alert, a doctor said yesterday. The 78-year-old widow of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had been hospitalized for two days. [Page 9a]


Israeli soldiers confront settlers

Israeli soldiers confronted settlers barricaded in synagogues, on rooftops and in homes yesterday. Hundreds of more settlers were evacuated, and 17 of the Gaza Strip's 21 Jewish settlements had been evacuated. [Page 1a]

4 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraqi

Four U.S. soldiers were killed in a roadside bombing in Baghdad, and an Iraqi judge was assassinated by insurgents as U.S. and Iraqi government officials sought to highlight their efforts to stabilize the country. [Page 10a]


Cost of oil for homes heats up

Consumers filling their home heating oil tanks in preparation for winter are suffering from sticker shock: Oil prices are high and may increase. The U.S. Department of Energy predicts that the cost of home heating oil this winter will be more than 20 percent higher than the year before and more than a dollar per gallon higher than four years ago. [Page 1a]

Lehigh reduces emissions

Lehigh Cement Co.'s Carroll County cement plant, which has drawn criticism on air quality from its neighbors, has cleaned its emissions significantly with new technology, according to new test data released this week. [Page 1b]

Board voids inactive bar's license

The Baltimore City Board of Liquor License Commissioners voided a bar license that had been inactive for about three years - a violation of state law that prohibits licenses from going unused for more than 180 days, or 360 with a hardship extension. [Page 1b]


Kohl's store opens in Timonium

A new Kohl's department store opens in Timonium today. The combination of comparable beauty products for a reasonable price and the high-end department store experience at a suburban location is helping to make Kohl's one of the fastest-growing retail chains of its kind. [Page 1c]

New releases in theaters today

Two movies that the film industry is hoping might help salvage a slow summer at the box office open today: The 40-Year-Old Virgin, a comedy starring Steve Carell, and Red-Eye, a thriller from famed horror director Wes Craven. Critic Chris Kaltenbach weighs in. Also opening today: Grizzly Man, Asylum and Valiant. [Page 1c]


Investment firms pardon Nike

Investment firms that screen companies for their social and environmental records have pardoned Nike Inc., which was once the corporate poster boy for sweatshop labor. The Bethesda-based Calvert mutual fund company announced yesterday that Nike now meets its standards for being a good corporate citizen. [Page 1e]

2 men, media firm indicted

Former Chicago Sun-Times publisher David Radler, Mark S. Kipnis, the former top lawyer for Chicago-based Hollinger International; and Toronto-based Ravelston Corp., a private company, were indicted on federal fraud charges yesterday for allegedly diverting $32 million through a series of bogus deals. [Page 1e]

Back-to-school shopping

Many families are expected to stick to the necessities this shopping season and spend less this year, retail experts predict. The National Retail Federation estimates that families will spend $443.77 on back-to-school items this season compared with $483.28 last year. [Page 1e]


Questions for Palmeiro

The Orioles' Rafael Palmeiro gave a lengthy statement to Major League Baseball's arbitration panel several months ago, but those familiar with the record say he didn't account for how he tested positive for illegal performance-enhancing drugs. [Page 1a]

OLN to televise NHL games

The Outdoor Life Network and the National Hockey League agree on a two-year deal to televise NHL games. Comcast Corp. owns OLN and may be fashioning it into a mainstream sports station. [Page 1f]


"This world would have been much better off had your mother aborted your demon soul."

Jeffrey Davis, speaking at the sentencing of Dennis Rader, who received 10 life sentences for killing Davis' mother and others as the BTK killer (Article, Page 3A)



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