`Sopranos' schedules 8 more episodes

August 12, 2005|By David Zurawik

In the sweetest news of the summer for lovers of great television drama, HBO announced yesterday that David Chase, creator of The Sopranos, has agreed to make eight extra episodes of the acclaimed crime drama.

That means viewers can look forward to 20 new episodes instead of the 12 that are now in production for Season 6, which is scheduled to begin in March. The eight extra episodes will launch in January 2007 as an abbreviated Season 7.

"We are obviously delighted that we will be able to extend The Sopranos series beyond its slated 12 episodes," said Chris Albrecht, chairman of HBO. "When something is as remarkable as The Sopranos, our audience would like to see it continue as long as possible, so we are thrilled that David Chase felt there are more stories to be told."

Leading members of the cast who will remain with the series throughout the 20 episodes are: James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano, Edie Falco as Tony's wife, Carmela, plus Lorraine Bracco as therapist Dr. Jennifer Melfi, Michael Imperioli as Tony's nephew, Christopher Moltisanti, and Dominic Chianese as Uncle Junior.

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