Hall pulls plug on ex-Steelers announcer

The Flip Side

August 11, 2005

WHEN DOES two go into 13? The answer is: It doesn't.

Which explains why Myron Cope was apologizing this week.

The retired Pittsburgh Steelers radio announcer was given the Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award at the Pro Football Hall of Fame over the weekend. For his acceptance speech, Cope was allotted two minutes. He went on for 13 minutes - while being booed - and ended up essentially yanked off the podium, escorted back to his seat before he had finished.

When he apologized Monday for causing a scene, Cope - who used the speech to lobby for former Steelers linebacker Andy Russell's Hall of Fame induction - said it was conceit.

"People may think I'm senile, but I ain't. I thought I was a celebrity," said Cope, 76.

"I didn't realize it was being televised live locally and being taped for showing later and they had to stick to a strict time frame," Cope said. "But, like I said, that's no excuse."

Even those dying to get into Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu stadium can't do it.

The soccer club has turned down more than 300 requests from families of fans to have their ashes scattered at the stadium. El Mundo reported Real Madrid checked with Madrid's city government on the legality of scattering ashes at the stadium and was told it was fine.

Still, Real Madrid has said no because it doesn't want the stadium becoming a "place of pilgrimage."

Except on game days, of course.

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