Ravens' camp update

August 09, 2005|By Mike Preston

Stock is rising: Two young players who have made favorable impressions are rookie center Jason Brown and third-year defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin. If Franklin continues to develop, he'll give the Ravens a big lift because he has a big body (320 pounds) and can work into the five- or six-man rotation. Brown has a good base and works hard. If he can play center and guard, it gives the Ravens the swing player they need at both positions.

The good hands man: During a two-minute drill, receiver Randy Hymes caught three straight passes. The first reception was the best connection of the day. Quarterback Anthony Wright drilled a pass in between cornerback Jamaine Winborne and safety Jarvis Johnson for a 12-yard gain.

It's a winner: For the first time in training camp, the Ravens have had success on the same trick play. It's the double-hitch pass with Hymes on the left. He makes the catch behind the line of scrimmage and then throws to the running back, Tellis Redmon, streaking down the right sideline. Touchdown.

It's a loser: The bootleg to the right didn't work much last season, and hasn't worked a lot in training camp, either. It's the play where quarterback Kyle Boller rolls to his right and can't find anyone open, so he is forced to throw it away. Boller also has trouble throwing the deep or intermediate out pass to the sideline. He was picked off twice in the afternoon for touchdowns.

Tough competition: Top draft pick and receiver Mark Clayton was at practice yesterday after a weeklong holdout, but second-year receiver Clarence Moore continues to play well. Offensive coordinator Jim Fassel said: "Clarence has ... stepped up. I'm going to have to keep him in mind when we start game planning."

Today's practice: Morning session is 9:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m., and special teams will practice 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the second session.

Injuries: Tight end Todd Heap (ankle and shoulder), running back Musa Smith (leg), end/outside linebacker Dan Cody (knee), fullback Alan Ricard (hamstring) and cornerback Dale Carter (leg) did not practice.

Countdown to season opener: 33 days.

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