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August 07, 2005

ISSUE: The 18th annual Harford County Farm Fair concludes its four-day run at the Equestrian Center in Bel Air today. With its full schedule of pig races, animal shows, baking contests and the like, the fair is a celebration of all things farming in the county. With continued rapid development, is Harford County in danger of losing its farming heritage?

Farms in danger, not heritage

While I do not believe Harford County will lose its "farming heritage," I certainly see it losing its actual farms.

At the rate farmland is being turned into tract housing of mini-mansions, etc., all that will remain of farming will no doubt be the annual fair and maybe a few exhibition farms, like the one Marie Antoinette ran for her and her aristocratic cronies at Versailles.

Let them plant petunias!

Ingrid Holt Bel Air

Already too late for county farms

In reply to the question regarding rapid development (sprawl it is): Very simply, Harford County has already LOST its farming heritage!!

L. John Renshaw

Too many people is the problem

It's common sense to believe the continued excessive residential growth of Harford County will endanger our farming heritage. Just ask the citizens of Howard County where their farmlands have gone. They'll say that their corn and soy fields had made way for a new crop of pressure treated wood and aluminum siding - town homes, apartments and single family homes.

The days of the family farm are threatened by big-business developers fueled through the actions of politicians who have given up listening to the people. Our future rests upon the citizens of Harford to stand up and fight growth - fight our wayward politicos.

Harford residents have a say in the future of the county's growth and rezoning matters, not only in your vote, but also in the four open meetings scheduled this month and in September to discuss rezoning.

More information on the cost of excess growth can be found on the Harford Land Trust's Web site: www.harfordland Information regarding rezoning may be found on the county's Department of Planning and Zoning Web site: I encourage everyone to attend the public meetings on comprehensive rezoning, at 7 p.m. on Aug. 31 at Aberdeen High School, Sept. 1 at Bel Air High, Sept. 7 at Joppatowne High, and Sept. 8 at North Harford Middle.

Let's work to keep Harford rural - in the strictest of American traditions.

Rob LaPin Bel Air

We want your opinions

ISSUE: Harford County was one of six jurisdictions that submitted proposals to the Maryland Stadium Authority last week to develop the Maryland Horse Park, envisioned as a showcase for equestrian events and a major tourist draw. Cecil County also offered a proposal.

The proposed facility, which has been referred to as a "Disneyland for horses," would attract national and international equestrian events.

Harford County is offering a site divided into three pieces near Havre de Grace totaling 837 acres. Cecil County has proposed locating the park at Fair Hill, a 5,613-acre state-owned natural resource center that already houses more than 130 equestrian events each year.

QUESTION: Which county do you think is a better choice for the Maryland Horse Park? What do you think of the prospect of Harford or Cecil being picked as the location of such a facility?

YOUR VIEW: Tell us what you think. Send e-mail responses by Thursday to A selection of responses will be published. Please keep your responses short and include your name, address and telephone number. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published.

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