Waxman: `Premature' to discuss perjury

August 05, 2005|By Jeff Barker

WASHINGTON - The top-ranking Democrat on the House committee examining Rafael Palmeiro's steroids case said the Oriole has "very shaky" credibility and has done a "disservice to baseball."

But Rep. Henry Waxman of California also said it's too early to suggest that Palmeiro is being investigated for perjury for testifying on March 17 that he never used steroids.

Palmeiro is now serving a 10-day suspension for failing a steroid test.

"I think it's very premature to talk about perjury," Waxman said in an interview yesterday.

Waxman's comments diverged from those of Tom Davis, a Virginia Republican and the House Government Reform Committee's chairman.

Davis told Palmeiro by telephone Tuesday night that the panel was duty-bound to investigate whether the ballplayer perjured himself.

"I have to discuss it with him [Davis] further," Waxman said. "I don't know whether I can join him in his statements."

Waxman agreed that the committee should learn as much as it can about the case.

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