Ravens' Cody hurts knee in first practice

Second-round pick diagnosed with sprained ACL


August 01, 2005|By Steve DeClue | Steve DeClue,Special to Baltimoresun.com

Linebacker Dan Cody, the Ravens' second-round draft pick, went down today with a right knee injury during contact drills in the first practice of training camp at McDaniel College.

Cody limped off the field with two Ravens personnel supporting him before being placed on a cart and taken to the locker room. Results from an MRI this afternoon indicated that he suffered a second- to third-degree ACL sprain. He will not practice until more evaluations are made later in training camp.

"They are icing him down. He is going to get an MRI [magnetic resonance imaging] and we'll see where he's at," coach Brian Billick said. "When you put players on the field, things happen and you have to be prepared for that."

First-round pick Mark Clayton was not present for the second straight day, and it is unknown when he will end his holdout.

"I have no further knowledge as to what the contractual situation is," Billick said.

Billick reiterated that he believes this year's team has a lot of potential.

"I think we have more experience just for the sheer factor of they're a year older, more mature. We've added some excellent players, having people like Deion [Sanders], Dale Carter part of the process from the get-go I think will make a difference for us," Billick said. "We have the talent to be as good or better than any team we've had here."

Cornerback Chris McAlister spoke candidly about the Ravens' outlook coming into 2005.

"Not going to the playoffs is not a good feeling, going home early, having to watch it from the house. I think everybody left here eager to come back," McAlister said.

The first practice featured a hard hit by defensive end Terrell Suggs that knocked tight end Darnell Dinkins to the ground during contact drills.

Overall, Billick was pleased with the first day of practice.

"[It was] good. We had a few guys kind of sizing things up -- the tempo's got to be consistent, it's got to be solid, you've got to be going at the same pace, and I think we had a few guys still trying to figure out what that tempo is," Billick said.

Originally published August 1, 2005, 3:55 PM EDT

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