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August 01, 2005


Roberts could tip balance

Supreme Court nominee Judge John G. Roberts Jr.'s record suggests he could tip the court more in the direction of increasing the president's power to act in pursuing the war on terrorism. [Page 1a]

Common cold stubborn foe

Now that it's been shown echinacea doesn't effectively fight colds, the old question remains: Why can't we beat this annoying ailment? One big reason is that the common cold comes in 101 different varieties. [Page 1a]

New terms for terror war

The "war on terrorism" might be over soon -- not the fighting, but the phrase. Major figures in the Bush administration and the military have taken to alternative ways of describing this fight -- as, for example, a "struggle against violent extremism." [Page 3a]


Iraqis bow on constitution

Iraqis writing the country's new constitution bowed to U.S. pressure to complete their task by Aug. 15 -- even if it means important issues will be left unresolved. [Page 1a]

7 arrested in bombing tries

Police in Britain arrested seven more people in connection with the failed July 21 transit bombings, and authorities were exploring possible links between two of the suspects and Saudi Arabia. [Page 7a]

Iran issues threat at talks

Iran turned up the pressure during talks with European negotiators, threatening to restart uranium reprocessing work unless it received a package of incentives immediately.[Page 10a]


Pact signals shift to prevention

Betting that larger investment in drug treatment, after-school activities and other programs can reduce incarceration, foster care and remedial education, Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. is expected to sign an agreement today with business and philanthropic leaders to shift millions in state spending in the coming years to prevention programs. [Page 1b]


White Sox beat Orioles, 9-4

The Orioles lost to the Chicago White Sox, 9-4, after they allowed eight runs in the first two innings. It was the fifth straight loss for the Orioles, who dropped two games below .500 for the first time this season. [Page 1c]

Hoff sets 400-meter record

Katie Hoff, the 16-year-old swimmer from Towson, won her third gold medal of the FINA Aquatics Championships, setting a championship record in the 400-meter individual medley with a time of 4 minutes, 36:07 seconds. [Page 1c]


Preservationists wary of merger

A bill that would merge Baltimore's Department of Planning and the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation raises questions of independence in the eyes of preservationists. City officials insist they can allay such fears. [Page 1d]

Friendship only a click away

At, an Internet meet-and-greet site that has become a surprise hit across the nation, students can view the self-penned profile -- and photo -- of everyone on campus who has signed up for the site, then, with a click, contact anyone they see as a prospective friend. [Page 1d]


"I wanted to show the parents that I haven't forgotten about the kids. I think about them every day."

Tasha Gardner, a teacher who has attended the trial of two men accused in the slaying of three children who went to Cross Country Elementary School. (Article, Page 1A)

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