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July 21, 1954: end of Oakland Mills

July 31, 2005

Oakland Mills, Carroll County ceases to exist on July 21, 1954. The mill town consisted of 200 families. Baltimore City needed a new water supply to support its population. Land from Baltimore and Carroll counties was needed to construct the new Liberty Reservoir. Oakland Mills was a company town operated by Thomas Woods Melville. Melville did not sell his land to the city in hopes of getting a better deal. Reservoir construction began and the Melville family took Baltimore City to court. On July 23, 1953, a jury awarded the Melville family $1,664,000 for Oakland Mills. The Melvilles originally wanted $2.5 million for their town. On July 21, 1954 the dam was sealed and water began backing up into the 3,500-acre reservoir. By the following spring Oakland Mills was completely under water.

- From Our Front Porch 1900-1999: Carroll County Looking Back 100 Years by Jim Lee

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