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1990: How to beef up garage parking

July 31, 2005

In July 1990, Bel Air officials were trying to figure out how to get more people to use the new downtown parking garage. Town leaders had expected 800 cars a day to use the 1,038-space garage, which had opened in June. Instead, only 600 to 700 cars were using the $7.5 million facility.

Officials and merchants blamed the lower-than-expected use on confusion about when to park, where to park, how to pay, and on lack of promotion by the town. "The new machines you use to pay are a little unusual for Bel Air," Carol Deibel, the town's planning director, said at the time. "We've had a lot of complaints from people who don't understand how the machines work, or who are worried about security."

Said one Main Street merchant: "Except for the first grand opening, which was invitation only, the town has done nothing to promote the garage."

Source: The Sun

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