Letters To The Editor


July 31, 2005

Kali Drive issue requires cooperation

Today in South Carroll County, water shortages, overcrowded roads, over-populated schools and limited police and emergency services are the infrastructural problems facing Eldersburg.

However, the one most in need of immediate attention is, namely, compromise. For 10 years, the owners of Security Development and the officials from Carroll County have been going to court with regard to the development of a 20-acre parcel on Kali Drive.

With all due respect, please start cooperating. We beseech you not to dislocate and overburden our ever so beloved community. We the citizenry feel we have one last avenue to travel in order to reach you. And that is by calling upon the media to help us spread our message.

For those reasons stated above, we pledge our support to help facilitate, or broker if you will, a new junction for paving the way toward a revised site plan for the Kali Drive project.

Cheryle Franceschi


The writer is a member of the group Carrolltowne United.

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