July 30, 2005

O's pursuit of Nevin was waste of their time

Even before Phil Nevin rejected the trade to the Orioles, we had occasion to wonder: Why are the Orioles' twin general managers pursuing a player who has specifically stated he doesn't want to play in Baltimore?

The clause in Nevin's contract should have been enough to prevent Mike Flanagan and Jim Beattie from wasting time as the trade deadline loomed.

Yet the Orioles spent three or four days courting Nevin as if he were a blue-chip recruit. They did everything but send Gary Williams and Ralph Friedgen to Nevin's house.

Then, after many phone calls and much hand-wringing, Nevin waited as long as he could to declare that he still doesn't want to play in Baltimore.

For their many troubles, all the Orioles have to show for their trade efforts is an even less motivated Sidney Ponson.

Patrick Smith Baltimore

O's front office trio keeps striking out

Well, the Orioles' three stooges (Peter Angelos, Mike Flanagan and Jim Beattie) have messed up again.

Within the past month alone, they failed to get A.J. Burnett, gave away Steve Reed and James Baldwin for nothing and tried to trade Sidney Ponson for a 34-year-old power-hitting first baseman having an off year.

Can anyone out there remember the last time these three made a good deal or move?

I really don't know if it's Angelos' reluctance to spend his millions or Flanagan's and Beattie's lack of baseball and business savvy that's to blame, but I do know that Larry, Moe and Curley have again given Orioles fans more reasons to sell their tickets to Red Sox and Yankees fans, and for some Orioles players to wonder why they ever chose to come to Baltimore.

Chuck Friedel Columbia

If curling is considered a sport, why not poker?

The writer from Parkville last week ["Poker doesn't belong in the sports section"] has a lot of gall taking The Sun to task for writing articles about the World Series of Poker.

Baseball, football, basketball, hockey, tennis, horseshoe throwing, throwing darts, etc., are "games" - entertainment!

Perhaps The Sun should obliterate the word "sports" and put all the above and horse racing, car racing, airplane racing, etc., in a section named "Sports Entertainment."

If women's curling can be an Olympic sport, poker can be a game covered in a sports section.

R.R. Ruhe Columbia

Classless Owens is disgrace to football

As the war of words continues between Terrell Owens and the Philadelphia Eagles, Ravens fans everywhere should be counting their blessings that this joke of a player did not end up in Baltimore.

Owens has clearly disgraced the game of football with his childish antics, and I hope that the Eagles stand up to him to show him that he will not always get his way.

I know that in the NFL there is a salary cap, but the league should step in and say that the Eagles don't have to pay his contract if he holds out.

Who in the world signs a contract that he agreed upon, then comes back the next year and says, "I should be paid what I am worth. ... I have to look out for my family" - not to mention also insults his teammates?

It's absolutely classless, and he needs to be stopped.

Mike Shanahan Essex

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