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1995 : An era ends on Weems Creek

July 29, 2005

Ten years ago this month, an era ended when the woman who tended the old movable Weems Creek Bridge in Annapolis, Annette "Annie" Bellinger, worked her last day in teh shack under the bridge span. The State Highway Administration had decided to tear down and replace the historic 1929 bridge, and besides, as the 73-year-old great-grandmother told The Sun, "I want a break."

Nicknamed "the troll lady" by those who spotted her under the bridge, Bellinger worked as the bridge tender for 12 years, from May through November. Every time a boater needed to get by, the New England native climbed up a bank, pushed buttons and pulled a lever to make the bridge's center swing span pivot open.

Neighborhood residents threw a party for Bellinger on July 31, 1995, her last day under the bridge. Bellinger died of a heart aliment in January 2002 in West Palm Beach, Fla.

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